Latitude at Kent for International Students


Apartments in Kent, Ohio for International Students

Moving to a new country is an exhilarating new experience. A new culture, a new environment, and, for some, a new language can make your transition to college at Kent State a lot to juggle. But it doesn’t all have to be a challenge! Below are some resources for international students living at Latitude at Kent to help make moving to the United States a little easier.

Getting to Latitude at Kent from the Airport

Most international students fly into either Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport (CLE) or Akron-Canton International Airport (CAK). Most students take taxis, busses, or shuttles to campus. For information on incoming students for the fall semester, visit Kent State’s Airports/Arrivals page.

Latitude at Kent is located at
1456 E. Summit Street right across the street from the Kent State University campus! Shuttles and busses generally drop you off on campus, so luckily, we’re just a short walk away!

Getting Around Kent

Since Latitude at Kent is conveniently located across the street from campus, you’ll be able to walk most everywhere you need to go. However, for trips across town or outside the campus area, there are a few options for transportation. One option is to take the bus. You can also rent a Zipcar or a Flashfleet bicycle to get around.

US Money & US Bank Accounts

You’ll want to exchange your money for US dollars at the airport before you go anywhere. At Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, you’ll find currency exchanges here. Students flying into Akron-Canton International Airport will find currency exchanges here. When you’re in the United States, you’ll probably want a US bank account. Check out some of the nearby banks we recommend below:

US Cell Phones

When you’re looking for a cell phone in the United States, you’ll want to consider either a cell phone with a short contract or a pay-as-you-go or prepaid plan. Make sure you check with whatever carrier you choose about coverage and reception. Some companies might require proof of your address in order for you to sign up for a contract, so before you leave for the US, consider sending some mail to your new apartment at Latitude! Below are some of the local options we’d recommend for a US cell phone:

Home Goods for Your Kent Apartment

Your new Kent, Ohio apartment will come fully furnished with large items like appliances, couches, beds, desks, and chairs. However, for the little things, you might want to consider heading over to Target on the west side of town. You’ll find décor, kitchen supplies, toiletries, and more here.


There are a number of options for groceries in Kent. For directions to each option, visit their Google Maps pages below:

Having Fun

You don’t have to leave your Kent State apartment at Latitude to have the time of your life, but for days where you get wanderlust, here are 7 fun things to do in Kent, Ohio!

And don't forget! We have amazing amenities and frequent resident events at our apartments in Kent, so you'll have plenty of fun without having to leave Latitude!

Hospitals & Health Care

Latitude at Kent is located just down the road from Kent State’s University Health Services. For most health concerns, this is where you’ll go. However, you’ll also find University Hospitals Kent Health Center nearby for more comprehensive services.

Your Embassy or Consulate

It’s likely that your country’s closest consulate or embassy is in Cleveland. See the list of consulates in the area here!

Qualifying for an Apartment at Latitude

How to know if you qualify for an apartment at Latitude at Kent: In order to qualify, international students will need to simply apply online like everyone else and pay your last month's rent when signing your lease!

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